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Intimate Forest Wedding | Olympia Wedding Photographer

Olympia Wedding Photographer

Beauty in the midst of a pandemic. People say that marriage consists mostly of compromise, working together and over coming things that life throws at you. Well, planning a wedding the middle of a global pandemic gave Aunika and Micah a dose of all three. Their friends and family came together and helped plan the […]

Beauty in the midst of a pandemic. People say that marriage consists mostly of compromise, working together and over coming things that life throws at you. Well, planning a wedding the middle of a global pandemic gave Aunika and Micah a dose of all three. Their friends and family came together and helped plan the most gorgeous intimate forest wedding near Olympia, WA. As fast as it went by, and as different as they had imagined, it was still the most perfect day that this Olympia Wedding Photographer has ever photographed.

Read more about their love story!

Aunika and Micah met in high school through mutual friends at the young age of 15. They spent their first two years flirting, getting closer, and eventually becoming best friends. Within those two years, Aunika was in denial that she liked Micah and that he would even like her. While Micah spent those two years patiently waiting for her to realize what was happening between them.

The Proposal
Aunika being the planner that she is, made it very clear to everyone who would listen, that when Micah did propose, she really wanted it to be a surprise. At this time they’ve been together for almost 10 years and Aunika figured that it wouldn’t happen for maybe another 2 years. Ten years together seems like enough time before getting engaged, but they were just about to move to a bigger city, while finding new jobs, and Micah was going to start at a new college, so life was pretty crazy at the moment. Aunika thought that Micah was going to propose after he finished his degree and were established in the new city.

The week before the proposal Micah took Aunika to this beautiful spot that over looked the water in the town that they lived in. They were expecting Micah’s sister and brother-in-law to stay with them that weekend, and Micah told Aunika that he wanted to bring them with them while they were visiting. Aunika had also been slightly suggestion to Micah that she really wanted to get photos done, so Micah also suggested to invite one of their best friends to take photos of them while they were there. During one of the poses, Micah grabbed Aunika’s hand and she remembers thinking, “Oh, the awkward prom pose, okay, we can do a couple funny ones!” But then he turned to her and the other hand in his pocket. As he was getting down on one knee and was pulling the ring box out, she immediately pulled her hand out of his hand and took a step back. She saw what was happening, but it took a moment for her to register what was actually happening. With her mind going blank and hand over her mouth, all that she could do was nod her head and had to be reminded that she was supposed to be her gorgeous engagement ring on!

Details of their wedding day
When it came to finally planning their wedding, Aunika wasn’t the person who dreamt of their wedding day growing up. But what she did know was that she wanted to get married in the forest or on a mountain. She loved the idea of eloping somewhere, but Micah wanted a bigger celebration with all their family and friends. When they were looking at venues, the one that immediately jumped out to them were Fern Acres in Forks, WA. They figured that they could have the best of what they both wanted. They booked the venue, sent out their save the dates, and then covid happened. They briefly thought about postponing til next year, but with everything up in the air, they figured why wait? What was originally planned to have 140 guests changed to only 30 guests at a friend’s family property in Olympia, WA.

Aunika and Micah were both drawn to the richness of emerald and when her mom given Aunika a set of gold-rimmed champagne glasses, she knew these were going to be her colors. Her pinterest boards were filled with styles of old Hollywood, gothic glam, and a lot of natural wood accents. They had planned for long wooden tables, emerald green runners with matching napkins, black and gold candelabras, and emerald and white candle sticks.

Aunika and Micah opted to not do a first look as Micah was really adamant about seeing Aunika for the first time as she was walking down the aisle. So being able to finally see each other as Aunika walked down the aisle was one of their favorite moments.

I asked Aunika and Micah if they had any advice for couples who are planning their wedding, here’s what they said:

  • Aunika: Both of you should decide what are the top three things that are most important to you and go from there. Our top three things were photography (Vikki is the best!), good food, and a great honeymoon. Those three things were the things we were willing to spend money on, and were the only things that we put pressure on ourselves to be perfect and everything else will fall into place.
  • Micah: Understand that this is you and your spouse’s day. Do things the way you want to do them. That being said, be respectful to everyone help; this may be your day however you still need the eyes in the crowd to look at you and make you feel one in a million. Those eyes will cherish being there and make the experience better if they are also feeling respected and happy.

Being their Olympia Wedding Photographer was an absolute honor. There was so much love and happiness all around, each image captured was filled with so much emotion!

Getting Ready - Olympia Wedding Photographer
Wedding Gown - Wedding Photographer
Bride and groom detail shot - Olympia Wedding Photographer
Olympia Wedding Photographer
Olympia Wedding Photographer
Seattle Wedding Photographer

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Photo: Peaks x Pines
Gown: Brides for a Cause
Tux: Men’s Wearhouse


I stumbled upon Vikki on Instagram and her portfolio was what drew me in. From the beginning, communication was breeze. The many emails that we exchanged felt like she was a friend I’d already known. When the day came for our wedding shoot, there was no awkwardness, she was helpful in directing us how to stand and pose, and as an added bonus, she was the best hype woman ever!

She was the best hype woman ever!

Christin & Leandrew



I was referred to Vikki by a friend and I am SO glad I was!! We booked her for our wedding and after looking at her portfolio and chatting with her, I knew we made the right choice! Vikki is so friendly and fun to work with and she made our awkward nerves instantly go away. I can't wait for our wedding photos and would 1000% refer her to anyone looking to have a great photos taken and have a blast while taking them! Book her now!

Vikki is so friendly and fun to work with...

Michele & Loren



Vikki captured moments at our wedding reception. I don't even know where to start with my experience with her! I absolutely loved every moment working with her. My husband and I can't thank her enough for working with us. She made the moments enjoyable and truly captured real moments. She is amazing, fun, and patient! Her work is amazing. I would highly recommend her!

My husband and I can't thank her enough...

Somalis & Mark



Vikki worked her magic and our photos turned out AMAZING. They are better than we could have ever imagined. She is so fun and comfortable to work with, which is something extremely important to getting natural, beautiful photos!! All in all, such a fun person to work with, a memorable experience, and truly beautiful photos. Cannot recommend her enough.

Cannot recommend her enough...

Susie & Jonathan



We've never had a photoshoot before and we are so awkward. But somehow Vikki made us feel natural and comfortable with each other in front of the camera. She really tries to get to know you as a couple and reflect it through her photos. The pictures turned out amazing, and we knew we had to book her for our big day! We got so many compliments from our friends and family on our engagement photos. Can't wait to work with her again for our wedding!

Vikki made us feel natural and comfortable...

Alexis & Jeffrey



After going through the process of researching, I quickly realized that it's so so important to choose someone you connect with. From the get go, we were both so glad that we found Vikki. When we received our gallery we were speechless. We also sent our gallery to family/friends and told us that they were speechless & cried while doing so. How do you rate perfection? 5 stars isn't enough. Bride (and Grooms), if you are looking for a photographer, you WILL NOT regret hiring Vikki.

How do you rate perfection? 5 stars isn't enough...

Aunika & Micah


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